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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kidnapping Threat

It seems that some quacks have already threatened to kidnap Pax Thien. Life And Style reported that Angelina dodged the 100 million dollar kidnapping threat last week.

Damn people are crazy, just let the family be. To be sure the whole clan is safe, Brangelina has already installed a $500,000 security system into their New Orleans home. Damn, that is alot of money for a security system. I bet it has "laser" beams to snatch the intruder. Or maybe they just hired Jennifer Aniston for the year to scare people away...no I kid I kid...kinda.


Sanjaya decided to sport a mohawk on last night's American Idol. It was an interesting hair choice I must say. I did get more entertainment out of watching that big puff in the front fly about more than him butchering the song Bathwater. It was really great when Gwen was like I wish him luck since she pretty much had nothing else to say. You could so tell she was pissed he was about to sing one of her songs. Seriously, though he doesn't even get comments anymore. Simon is just like well people like you...whatever. Haha this is great he isn't getting the boot tonight. I think Haley should go...she sucks big time.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Drunk Baby or an Alien Baby?

Well it seems that Nicole Kidman has decided she would rather have a drunk for a child then a crazy wacko scientologist. It is being reported that Nicole is pregnant with Keith Urban's child. Supposedly, she has been on fertility treatment for quite awhile and she has finally told her parents the good news.

Hopefully, she will spend more time with this kid. Seriously, you never see her with her adopted kids with Tom Cruise. Probably because she knows Tom Tom has brainwashed them for the alien cult.

Sanjaya likes Bananas...B-I-G B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!

Gwen Stefani is going to make an appearance on American Idol tonight. I was hoping the contestants were going to sing some of her songs. I would love to hear Sanjaya sing "if i was a rich girl" or "i ain't no hollaback girl!" Unfortunately my wish isn't coming true and they are just singing songs that have inspired Gwen through the years....boring!!! Still I will tune in because watching Sanjaya butcher songs is just way more important and entertaining than most other things going on in my life. I mean seriously Simon doesn't even make comments anymore because he is so pissed off....haha it's great.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Whooo...so long time no type bias!!! Haven't been here for awhile...like um 10 months...ahahaha but whatev its all good. I kinda went to college ya it sucks. I'm not done for the year yet but my grades pretty much are so what should I do instead of homework...how bout blog??? Hmm that sounds like a plan stan...so i'm gonna try to get this thing going again...don't really know how long it will last...only time will tell. Maybe I will see you tomorrow and maybe I will see you in 10 months...I guess we will have to wait and see...until then lets recap some of the things that has gone on since I have been away:

angie and brad had a kid!!!...little shiloh
angie and brad had another kid...pax...whose drug addict mother might come for him
anna nicole smith had a daughter
anna nicole smith's son daniel died
anna nicole smith died (a little piece of me died)
britney had another kid...jayden james
britney went cuckoo...shaved her head
k-fed is father of the year....WOW!
and of course...
veronica mars is my hero (please don't get cancelled)
prison break is my life (yay!...season 3 is a go)
eliza dushku is perfection
maddox is my king
and that is about all folks....ok I know I forgot quite a bit of stuff...but I'm a little rusty...oooh

Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm Pissed!!!!!

So Fox was promoting Prison Break this whole week saying the escape was finally going to happen...ah guess what...IT DIDN'T!!!! What the heck people...if it's not going to happen then you shouldn't say its going to happen. I can't stay mad though cause it was a pretty good episode. Westmoreland tied Bellick up so he pretty much wasn't in the show except for a few scenes of him trying to escape. Michael told Sara that he was planning on getting out and she wasn't too happy. Oh and yeah there was this whole thing with Michael threatening the Pope!!!!!...NO WAY...Michael is going a little crazy. So next week is definitely the escape and it should be good. Apparently 3 people die and I can't wait to find out who. It's obvious Westmoreland is one since he was stabbed and was bleeding pretty much the whole episode. I hope Kellerman dies too...but I can't get my hopes up.

The World Will End

OMG...this is crazy shit people....like seriously I think the world is going to end. First Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields have baby girls on the same day and now Shaq and Kobe!!!! NO FRICKIN WAY!!!....this is sooooo crazy. Both basketball star's wives gave birth today apparently only six minutes apart.

The Bryant's new baby is Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant...different but ok I suppose. This is their second, they have a three year old daughter Natalia. Honestly I'm surprised they had another kid because of the whole rape thing...I would have seen them getting divorced but I'm pretty sure Kobe was stupid and didn't get a prenup so unless he wants to hand over half his money he better stay married.

Shaq's new baby girl Mearah Sanaa O'Neal...would have been ok till I found out his other daughters are Taahirah and Amirah....AH...not cool to rhyme....its pretty cheesy.

So basically I hate both of these people...they both suck and caused my baby KG to not go to the finals a few years back...but I'll put that aside and just stick with congratulations!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

United 93

So as most of you know the movie United 93 came to theaters yesterday. The movie has been getting rave reviews saying it really captured what happened on 9/11. Yet many people say that they won't see this movie and I don't understand why not. Most say they aren't ready, that its too early, but even the family's of the victims are supporting this movie. I know it is a difficult story to watch knowing the whole time what the outcome will be. Still at the same time you can look at the screen and know that all of those people were heroes. Because of them countless people were able to live and I think they really should be honored. Not to mention the fact that part of the proceeds are being donated to a good cause. Hopefully people will at least rent the movie and if it's too much they can just turn it off.

More Angelina!!!

The Today Show aired a clip of the Angelina Jolie interview the other day. It was nice to see that Angelina seems truly happy and she commented about how she is giggling all the time. Make sure to catch the interview on Dateline Sunday night for more!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Boy Toy :)

Beau Mirchoff is totally my new little obsession. Im so sure he is like a yr younger than me but hey, its never stopped me before! No, im just playin with ya, i would never do that... or would I? But anyway, this little cutie is in Scary movie 4 and plays Robbie. He probably was the only thing that made the movie worth while. Im sorry this isn't the greatest picture, but the really fine one of his i couldn't get to appear! Sry your gonna have to settle ur eyes on this cute pic for awhile.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... OH im sorry i was drooling......

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!!!

Which Witch....the Whory Witch!!!!!...Thats right people Kellie Pickler finally got the boot on last nights American Idol. All I have to say is its about damn time. She has got to be one of the stupidest, fakest, sluttiest girls I have ever seen in my life...and quite frankly I couldn't stand her. Basically she butchered Unchanged Melody on Tuesday night and got sent packing...WOOOOWHOOOO!!! Hopefully next to go will be the trolly witch...Paris...jeez it's like all Paris's have to be so dang annoying or something. Whatever you do DON'T name your child Paris...they are bound to be DOOMED!!!! Maybe you wonder if I actually like anyone on that show and you bet I do. Chris is so my favorite and he is going to win!!! He is by far the best and must win the show or I will never watch again. Oh and I also love Simon...how could you not...he's funny and says it like it is. Dang Paula is a total mental case...sometimes I wonder about her.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

whoa there back up!

Ok, ok J-Bags i totally understand how horrible Sin City 1 was, but you have to remember ANGELINA is totally gonna be in the second one! So ya'll gotta see it cuz shes going to bring that shit to life! BIAS!!!


Wedding Virgins!!!!!!

So Wedding Crashers and 40-Year Old Virgin lead all movies for the MTV Awards Show with five nominations each. King Kong, Sin City, and Batman Begins are competing against the two for best picture. I so totally think Wedding Crashers should win...that was my fav movie of the summer!!! Not to mention Sin City was one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen...thats two hours I will never get back...and I'm pissed about it!!!! The whole thing was just completely messed up...with the suppose to be like 70 year old man and a 20 year old woman and the giant dude...not to mention Elijah Wood as some freakazoid and that damn nasty Yellow Bastard...ahh...I don't even want to think about...utter crap I say!!! Basically Wedding Crashers is where its at...its comedic genius...I'm looking forward to Divorce Crashers...the obvious next step to a wedding...not to mention they are divorce mediators.

Remember once you come to my blog...don't ever leave...cuz i'd find YOUUUUU...haha hehe!!!!!!!!!

Yikes!!!!...This is Creepy

Ok so I'm watching a show...To Catch a Predator 4...and it is so majorly creepy. These forty year old men are coming to the house of a 13 year old. AGHHH...gosh this world sure is going to crap...how can people be so perverted!!!! This just isn't right. If you have kids PLEASE...watch what they are doing online...and keep them away from MySpace and Yahoo! Chat. Now Get a Clue...this is totally fine...there is nothing wrong with a little bashing of celebrities...this is what the world needs and I for one am not going to deprive anyone of it!!!!!...even I am not that cruel.

And ya I know my photoshop skills need some work...whatever...I don't have the time or knowledge to make that crap look good!!!

Britney Fires Her Nanny!!!

So Britney Spears has decided to fire her nanny after SPF fell from his high chair the other day.

"Britney also reportedly hired a doctor to advise her on how to keep her tot safe. “The doctor advised her not to leave Preston on any high surfaces where he could roll off,” an insider told the ITW, which also reports that Spears was so impressed with the sage advice that she wanted to hire the doctor full time, but he told her that it wasn’t necessary."

I have an idea for keeping SPF safe...take him away from his dumbass parents!!!!! These two have absolutely no right to have a kid...this baby is gonna end up with major problems when he gets older. You know Brit is just firing the nanny to make it seem like this isn't her fault. Maybe they can get Supernanny to come in and help them...they are gonna need it with another on the way!!!!...possibly.

Obvious Choice

Not that it's surprising or anything but Angelina is #1 on People's Most Beautiful List

“She looks the most beautiful when she’s in the field — natural, no makeup, nothing,” the magazine quotes musician Wyclef Jean, who worked with Jolie on a relief effort in Haiti. “Because you see Angelina, the angel. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

I'm also happy to report that The Jolie-Pitt's were voted "World’s Most Beautiful Family"!!!!!!!!

Other celebs to make the list were Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Kirstie Alley, and Ryan Seacrest. Can't say that I agree with all those bias...there's some pretty nasty ones in there...that I won't name...*coughscarlettcough*....but oh well there's many lists I don't agree with!!!!

Miller Time

Time for a treat my peeps...I got some pics of Wentworth Miller!!!! Oh what a joyous day for all. He sure looks good I have to say...and what I love is that he is actually smiling and happy...I'm so use to his pissed off look on Prison Break when his plan all goes to hell.

And of course...the part that I must bitch about!!! Who the heck is he talking to...I bet it is some stupid whore...only *I* should make him that happy and thats a fact!!!!!!!!

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